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Xuzhou Dingtai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales. After the development of recent years, the company has established a high-quality management, research and development, marketing team. The medical equipment produced by our company include breast therapy instrument, medical flushing device, medical ozone therapy instrument, comprehensive treatment instrument for postpartum rehabilitation, infrared breast diagnosis instrument, digital electronic colposcope and other medical equipment, which are among the top-class medical devices. For a long time, with its convenience, practicality and high cost-effective advantages, has won the praise of customers. People oriented, attach importance to the talent company attaches great importance to the training of employees. According to the different positions, each year, the corresponding training plan and assessment standards shall be formulated to improve the business level and comprehensive quality of the employees. At the same time, the company also constantly introduces various high-quality talents, infuses fresh blood into the company, and continuously improves the overall management, research and marketing level of the company. Cooperation, development and win-win development are our goals, but development cannot be separated from extensive cooperation. We welcome every partner who intends to cooperate to join us. We will listen sincerely, consider your opinions and plans, and work with you to implement together and share our achievements. Let you walk with us happily and practically. Since its inception, customer service system company has established the service concept of "quality is the root, service is the basis". After several years of development, we have established a set of customer service procedures, and developed a series of customer service systems, such as customer training, technical support, after-sales service, etc. In the formulation and implementation, the requirements of ISO13485 international quality system shall be strictly followed. It has been achieved: respond to customer requirements within 2 hours, and solve or propose reasonable solutions within 24 hours. From the perspective of customers, think of users, urgent users, effectively relieve the worries of the majority of users. And through a variety of channels to provide value-added services for customers, established customer satisfaction return visit investigation procedures, at any time to understand the needs of customers, improve our work, provide more perfect services for customers.

Business philosophy of the company

Always adhering to the enterprise tenet of "impressing customers with quality, persuading customers with quality, rewarding customers with quality and retaining customers with quality"; Honesty based, indomitable spirit of enterprise, full of twenty years of cultivation, only for a cocoon