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Side effects and treatment of ozone Autohemotherapy

1. The chest urgency, tachycardia, shortness of breath, cyanosis and hypotension during ozone Autohemotherapy were caused by cardiac overload. This reaction often occurs in the treatment, due to cardiac insufficiency, blood transfusion speed is too fast. Therefore, the reinfusion speed should be strictly controlled in the treatment. For patients with heart failure, the dripping rate should not exceed 20-40 drops per minute, which can prevent the occurrence of this reaction (high pressure ozone therapy is most likely to have this symptom, and has been explicitly banned at present. It is suggested to use ozone Autohemotherapy under normal pressure.
2. Vertigo, chest discomfort and retrosternal pain are the manifestations of air embolism during treatment, which can be life-threatening in severe cases. The main reason is that the air in the infusion tube is not exhausted and the connection of the blood transfusion device is not tight. As long as we carefully check whether the connecting parts of the blood transfusion device are tight, pay attention to exhaust the internal air before puncture, and strengthen the inspection during treatment, we can put an end to this kind of situation.
3. Febrile reaction usually occurs 1-2 hours after the end of treatment. The reasons are various, that is, endogenous heat source or external heat source. The symptoms included headache, chills, fever and discomfort. In this regard, we pay special attention to aseptic operation, and store all kinds of therapeutic supplies in the purification table. In case of fever reaction, take symptomatic care in time to slow down the speed of blood transfusion, and stop reinfusion in severe cases; Those who are afraid of cold should be treated with heat preservation. Patients with fever above 38 ℃ were given physical hypothermia. If necessary, they were given hypothermic drugs, antibiotics or sedative drugs.
4. Tingling on the lips and tongue (common in women), most often near the end of autotransfusion, may be due to transient, mild hypocalcemia caused by excessive citrate accumulation. When this symptom is given calcium treatment, usually should pay attention to the treatment course of Autohemotherapy, 2-3 days / time, blood and sodium citrate in proportion.
5. After treatment, some patients feel tired, some patients have no symptoms, and some patients feel healthy and energetic. Why does this happen? This is mainly due to the difference of antioxidant system ability in each human body, so ozone Autohemotherapy (especially for the elderly) must start with a low dose of ozone (20ug / ml), and slowly increase to 40-50ug / ml.
If the above Autohemotherapy is effective, it can be injected for several courses according to the condition to consolidate the curative effect.