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Application of ozone aging test chamber in industrial and mining enterprises

Today, our industrial technology is increasingly developed, and it also causes more and more serious damage to the natural environment. The application fields of rubber and plastic products are becoming wider and the environment conditions are more and more complex and diverse. Only by reasonably defining the environmental conditions of the products and selecting the environmental protection measures of the products correctly can the products be protected from damage during storage and transportation and safe and reliable in the process of use. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out artificial simulation environmental test on rubber and plastic products to ensure its high quality. It is a scientific summary of the actual environmental impact to realize the artificial simulated environmental test by using ozone aging test chamber, which has the characteristics of typicalization, standardization, convenient use and easy comparison.
The diversification of environmental conditions and the importance of environmental test also put forward more strict requirements for environmental test equipment; The damage of temperature and humidity on materials has been paid attention to. The destructive nature of corrosive gases caused by various manufacturing industries is very serious for materials or products;
The ozone aging test chamber can be used for rubber products such as vulcanized rubber, thermoplastic rubber, cable insulation sheath and other products. Under static tensile deformation, exposed to airtight and non light containing constant ozone concentration air and constant temperature test chamber, the test sample shall be tested according to the predetermined time, and the degree of cracking or other performance changes on the surface of the sample shall be detected, The aging cracking test of nonmetal materials and rubber products is realized scientifically and reasonably by using ozone aging test chamber to evaluate the ozone resistance of rubber
Working principle of ozone aging test chamber:
1. the ozone content in the atmosphere is very little but the main factor of rubber cracking. The ozone aging chamber simulates and strengthens the ozone conditions in the atmosphere, studies the action rule of ozone on rubber, quickly identifies and evaluates the methods of anti-aging performance and ozone agent protection efficiency of rubber, and then takes effective anti-aging measures to improve the service life of rubber products.
2. ozone gas produced by the silent and high efficiency ozone generator and a certain amount of processed air are mixed in the exchanger and sent to the test chamber. The UV detector will continuously detect the ozone concentration on-line and feed it back to the ozone generator control system, so that the control system can effectively control the occurrence of ozone according to the set value, Thus, the test chamber maintains the set ozone concentration, and the heating and humidifying system works to meet all the test conditions