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Ozone therapy is a new hope for cancer treatment!

Cancer is the general name of more than 100 kinds of malignant tumors in different parts, which is characterized by abnormal cell growth out of control, invasion of adjacent parts of the body and spread to other organs. The occurrence of cancer is a multi factor, multi-stage, complex and progressive process, which is closely related to environmental factors, lifestyle, genetic and immune factors. It usually takes 10-20 years or even longer for a normal cell to transform into a cancer cell to form a malignant tumor under the interaction of human genetic factors and external factors. In this long process, people have enough time for prevention, intervention and early detection.
The application and research of immune trioxide in foreign countries has a history of more than 20 years. The application of trioxide and hydrogen peroxide in cancer treatment is based on three discoveries. Warburg, a German doctor who won the Nobel Prize in 1966, put forward the theory that the occurrence and development of cancer is due to hypoxia at the cellular level; At the same time, Watson and CRIC, the founders of DNA double strand structure, another Nobel Prize winner, believe that cancer is caused by viruses; The mechanism is that trioxygenation and hydrogen peroxide can reduce the metabolic level of cancer cells, thus inhibiting the growth of tumor. Next, we will discuss the mechanism and research of trioxygenation in the treatment of cancer.
Research on the treatment of cancer with trioxygenation
1、 Studies have confirmed that the body can be induced to release tumor necrosis factor (TNF) by trioxygenation, which is an important factor for the immune system to monitor and kill tumor. It is based on this theory that the therapy of autologous blood transfusion with trioxygenation has been applied in the clinical treatment of tumor.
2、 It can kill the virus of tumor and improve the immune ability of the body( 0.3~0.8) × 10-6 dose of trioxygenation can inhibit the tumor of lung, chest and uterus in varying degrees. zero point eight × More than 90% of cancer cells were inhibited by 10-6 dose of trioxygenation. Trioxygenation does not inhibit the growth of normal cells, because normal cells have a strong defense mechanism against trioxygenation.
3、 According to research, hydrogen peroxide can be directly used as a cytotoxic factor to kill cancer cells. It can also adjust the activity of anti-tumor antibodies in the body and enhance the anti-tumor function of the body. The study also found that when trioxide enters the human body to produce hydrogen peroxide, normal human cells can avoid being damaged through their own regulatory mechanism - the production of peroxidase, while tumor cells lack the ability to produce peroxidase.
4、 It can also reduce or even eliminate the side effects and sequelae of tumor surgery, and reduce the side effects and sequelae of radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Trioxygenation can inhibit the tumor regeneration and metastasis for a long time, prolong the survival time and improve the quality of life of patients. After three oxygen treatment, can quickly improve the patient's physical condition, so that the postoperative radiotherapy and chemotherapy can be carried out smoothly. It can produce hydrogen peroxide and increase the sensitivity of tumor to radiotherapy and chemotherapy.
5、 Autologous blood transfusion (ahit) has been widely used in the treatment of various cancers in foreign countries. 60% of the patients' symptoms have been relieved for a long time, and another 20% of the patients have been improved. At the same time, the treatment of autologous blood transfusion also has a good effect on the patients with tumor recurrence. Interferon levels increased 7-8 times after the treatment. Interferon is a kind of protein, which appears when cells are infected with virus. It can help the uninfected cells resist the virus. The condition of patients receiving the series of oxygen therapy has been significantly improved, 70% of patients have pain relief and 90% of patients have vitality enhancement.