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The basis of ozone in the treatment of pain

Feasibility report of ozone in the treatment of pain
1、 Background and significance of the project:
In 2000, the World Health Organization formally put forward that "chronic pain is a kind of disease".
In 2004, the international society for pain research designated October 11 as "world analgesia day".
In July 2007, the Ministry of health of our country officially listed the pain department as the first level diagnosis and treatment subject.
In 2008, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the pain society of the Chinese Medical Association ranked pain as the fifth largest vital sign after respiration, pulse, blood pressure and body temperature.
In 2009, the pain branch of Chinese Medical Association organized the compilation of "clinical pain diagnosis and treatment guide" and "clinical pain diagnosis and treatment technical standard operation", and pain therapeutics has been listed in the name of medical malpractice technical identification expert database group of Chinese Medical Association.
Thus, the topic of pain is getting more and more attention from the country and the whole society. Today, pain diseases have become a high incidence rate and wide range of diseases that are harmful to human health. Although they do not directly threaten life as diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer and other diseases, they cause great burden on people's lives, work and family. Once they suffer from such diseases, the quality of life will inevitably decline. The dignity of life is not guaranteed.
In the past two decades, in order to overcome the suffering of pain diseases for patients, a variety of new therapies and new technologies have emerged, such as the application of low addictive nerve drugs, nerve block (break), various minimally invasive surgery, minimally invasive acupuncture, including the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine and so on; The above methods have achieved certain results, but from the clinical effect, there are also inherent deficiencies. Pain is still an insurmountable gap.
2、 New treatment technology
1. Overview of medical ozone
Ozone is composed of three oxygen atoms, which is the isomer of oxygen. Under the standard condition, the density of ozone is 2.143g/l (higher than that of air). The solubility of ozone is 13 times higher than that of oxygen and 25 times higher than that of air. The half-life is about 20-30 min at room temperature, and it will decompose naturally after a few hours. Medical ozone has strong oxidation ability, improves microcirculation and promotes wound healing.
2. The principle of ozone in the treatment of soft tissue pain is as follows
(1) Vasodilation improves microcirculation and oxygen supply: ozone can stimulate endothelial cells to release no, while endogenous NO can directly cause vasodilation and inhibit platelet adhesion and aggregation on the surface of endothelial cells. The mechanism of no vasodilation may be as follows: no increases the activity of adenylate cyclase, promotes the production of cGMP in cells, then activates cGMP dependent protein kinase, inhibits the phosphorylation of protein kinase C, and dephosphorylates myosin light chain. Intracellular Ca2 + concentration decreased. The sensitivity of contractile protein to Ca2 + decreased. The activity of K + channel on muscle cell membrane also decreased, which led to vasodilation. In addition, ozone can increase the content of 2,3-dps in red blood cells, shift the oxygen dissociation curve of hemoglobin to the right, and increase the release of oxygen. The combination of the two can improve the local blood circulation, increase the supply of oxygen, and quickly produce analgesic effect.
(2) Ozone activates antioxidant enzymes and scavenges free radicals: as a superoxide, ozone can activate the overexpression of antioxidant enzymes and neutralize excessive reactive oxidation products (superoxide dismutase decomposes excessive peroxides; superoxide dismutase decomposes excessive peroxides); Catalase - decomposes hydrogen peroxide; Glutathione dehydrogenase (gsh-dh), which decomposes organic oxides, scavenges excessive free radicals and peroxides in physiological and pathological processes. Ozone can also induce cytokine antagonists and immunosuppressive factors such as IL-10 and TGF- β 1. It has been proved that long-term and low concentration ozone treatment can increase the activity of antioxidant enzymes.
3. Treatment methods
Tennis elbow, heel pain, the third lumbar transverse process syndrome, sacral spinal muscle attachment point strain, etc. are generally injected at one point, with subperiosteal and extraperiosteal infiltration; Periarthritis of shoulder and osteoarthritis of femur are usually infiltrated in three anatomic sites: osteoid process, synovium and articular cavity; All operations should be confirmed not to be in the blood vessels or nerves. The general ozone treatment concentration is 20-40ug / ml, four times a course of treatment, with an interval of one week.
Ozone therapy is a new minimally invasive technique in recent years. Therefore, ozone therapy is an effective method to treat all kinds of pain, which is worthy of clinical application. Ozone therapy has just been applied in clinic in China. I believe that with the increase of research and the accumulation of clinical experience, there will be a greater breakthrough in the treatment of various kinds of pain. We sincerely hope to work with people from all walks of life to continuously innovate, develop and enrich ozone therapy technology through clinical practice, so that such a new technology belonging to natural therapy can benefit all patients.