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The process of ozone therapy

Ozone is a strong oxidant. Ozone can activate cell metabolism, improve blood circulation, improve the condition of cerebral ischemia and hypoxia, improve oxygen content of brain cells, improve the symptoms of hypoxia such as dizziness and swelling in patients with cerebral infarction, and improve the clinical symptoms, limb muscle strength and language barrier.
The treatment effect of ozone autogenous blood therapy on patients with cerebral hypoperfusion complications and stroke patients is better. Many clinical studies also confirmed that ozone can change the aggregation of blood platelets, generate peroxides in places with thrombus, to change the development of thrombus, promote the disintegration of thrombus, oxidize and remove fatty substances such as color spots attached to the wall of blood vessels, increase the elasticity of blood vessels, regulate the permeability of blood vessels, promote the healing of the wound and reduce the occurrence of infection.
The treatment of ozone autogenous blood was carried out, and different ozone treatment methods were used for different diseases. The specific treatment methods of ozone are as follows:
1、 Systemic therapy
(1) Ozone self blood therapy: 100-150ml of venous blood was extracted and injected into a special disposable anti oxidant blood bag with anticoagulant, and then the prepared O2 and O3 mixture (ozone concentration 20-60) was injected into the blood bag μ G / ml, 100-150ml) blood and gas should be equal volume. Shake the blood slowly, incubate ozone in the autogenous blood for 3-5 minutes, and then return the blood to the patient's vein. Generally, one treatment course is 10 to 15 times.
(2) Rectal perfusion of ozone mixture: ozone concentration of 20-40 μ G / ml of gas 50-400ml was injected into the rectum through a dedicated device. The time is 0.5 minutes to 5-10 minutes. The ozone mixture blowing in method has two functions, namely, systemic and local effects.
(3) Small self blood therapy: 5-15ml of venous blood was extracted with syringe containing 5-10ml ozone mixture. After careful mixing, the odorized blood is injected into the patient's buttocks.
2、 Local therapy
(1) Ozone mixture subcutaneous injection: usually gas injection around the pain area or subcutaneous focus area, even around the big joint. Ozone concentration from 5-35 μ g/ml。 The gas injection amount in one part is 5ml-20ml.
(2) Intramuscular injection of ozone mixture: the ozone concentration of intramuscular injection therapy is 5-20 μ G / ml, the injected ozone mixture volume is 10-20ml.
(3) Ozone mixture injection around and within joints: ozone concentration in ozone mixture is 5-35 μ g/ml。 The amount of ozone injected into the joint cavity or around the joint depends on the number of joints, and the injection range from 1-3ml (small joint) to 15-20ml (large joint) can be washed repeatedly.
(4) Partial injection or external use of ozonized double distilled water: local external use after fully mixing of double distilled water and ozone.
(5) Ozone oil / Cream: olive oil and ozone are mixed fully. The ozone concentration is generally selected as high concentration 60-80 μ G/ml, ozone and olive oil for 25 minutes, or 24 hours of mixing to make ozone cream, apply ozone oil to mucous membrane or skin with thin or cotton swabs, 3-4 times a day
3、 The choice of the course of ozone clinical application
1. Ozone treatment: 5 times for small course, 10 for medium course and 15 for big course; Once every day (also according to the condition)
2. Ozone small self blood treatment: 10 times a course, once every 2 days.
3. Ozone cavity gas injection treatment: according to the condition of the disease, the number of each course is set, once-twice a week.
4. Ozone water therapy: according to the condition of the times of each course, twice a day.
4、 The choice of ozone treatment concentration
1. Ozone self blood therapy: initial concentration 20-30ug/ml. increase 5 UG / ml. the maximum is no more than 60ug / ml
2. Ozone small self blood therapy: initial concentration: 10ug-15ug/ml. increase by 5ug/ml each time. The maximum is no more than 60ug / ml
3. Ozone cavity gas injection: initial concentration: 5ug/ml. increase by 5 UG / ml. maximum 35ug / ml
5、 Specific treatment methods for different diseases are as follows
(1) Patients with cerebral infarction and cerebral hemorrhage sequelae: the ozone concentration starts from 20 UG / ml. with the patients' adaptation to ozone, the ozone concentration gradually increases, increasing by 5 units per time, and the drugs to improve microcirculation. The treatment course of cerebrovascular disease is at least three courses, 5 times a week, 15 times a course, Rest for half a month or a month between courses, and then take the next treatment. Cerebral hemorrhage patients: it is suggested that the patients should be treated with ozone autogenous blood immediately in the acute stage, and be treated with mannitol intravenous infusion or within 4 hours after the cerebral hemorrhage, and more than 90% of the patients will not leave the sequelae, 48 hours later, 85% of the patients will not leave the sequelae.
(2) Patients with hyperglycemia and hyperlipidemia: the concentration of ozone self blood was increased gradually from 20ug/ml. The course of treatment was 2-3 courses.
(3) Patients with coronary heart disease: ozone autogenous blood therapy is carried out. The treatment concentration is based on the level of antioxidant capacity of the patients. Generally, 20ug/ml is selected from the lowest concentration, which gradually increases by 5 units, the treatment course is 3-4 courses, 15 times a course, and the intermediate rest is 10-15 days for the next treatment.
(4) Viral hepatitis: patients were treated with ozone autogenous blood (which can be combined with ozone rectal injection). The concentration of ozone autogenous blood therapy starts from 20ug / ml, and with the gradual increase of ozone adaptation, the concentration of ozone rectal perfusion is 20ug/ml for adults, and 10 ug/ml for children. The injection volume is 200-400ml each time. The first treatment is once every day, after 15 times, rest for 20 days, and the second course is twice a week, There are three courses of treatment.
(5) Dermatosis, psoriasis and herpes zoster: ozone autoblood therapy, combined with ozone intradermal injection and local ozone water or ozone oil external use. The concentration of ozone treatment increased gradually from low concentration of 20ug/ml. 1) The ozone concentration was 5ug/ml and the injection volume was 5ml.2. Once a day was injected into sacroiliac joint cavity, 20ml (60mg/l) 3) ozone oil was injected into sacroiliac joint cavity, 60mg/l ozone 50ml was injected with olive oil 50ml, and then refrigerated in the refrigerator for 3-4 times a day for external use until the skin lesions of patients disappeared and pain disappeared.
For allergic skin disease, small self blood therapy was performed once / 3 days. 10ml of venous blood was extracted with 20ml syringe and 10ml ozone with 50mg/l concentration was injected into the muscle after mixed with venous blood. 10 times was a course of treatment. Generally, the patients in 3 courses were improved significantly
(6) Rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, gout patients: ozone autogenous blood, with local injection of the joint cavity. The ozone concentration increased gradually with the progress of treatment; The injection of ozone in the joint cavity was 35ug/ml and the injection volume was 20-60ml under local anesthesia until the patient had pain and pain, and stopped the injection. The local injection course was 10 times, twice a week.
(7) Ozone treatment of ankylosing spondylitis: we choose ozone autogenous blood and rectal perfusion, and inject ozone gas in the sacroiliac joint cavity at the same time. Each side is 20-40ml, the concentration is less than 35mg/l, once every 5 days. The ozone concentration of the ozone in the blood of the ozone autogenous blood increased gradually from 20mg/l to 5mg/l, and 10 times was a course of treatment. At the same time, the pain points were injected.